The Dwindly url shortener is closed

Recehkers - hello bro, how are you? I hope all the people who are reading this article.
Here I am not reviewing the dwinly url shortener, but informing that the dwindly url shortener has been closed or is no longer in operation, in my opinion it is due to several factors that affect the closing of the dwindly url shortener very much.

One of the factors that may occur in my opinion is that users or members who use this dwindly url shortener service are very few and how to pass this url shortener using captcha in the middle of its operation. that means at the beginning of the dwindly io there is no such thing as captcha and the way to go through it is the same as so it is very easy (initial establishment).

You need to know this url shortener has an interesting feature that I have already explained in Dwindly's Review and Proof of Payment, one of the features I like is that there is a member type, so dwindly's shortener url has a member type that can increase or increase from the results of your withdrawal amount on the shortener site the dwindly url.

I have already withdrawn approximately $ 20 and I get a bonus of $ 5, is that okay? and I see the list of the bill is a lot, if you have withdrawn you can get a bonus of around $ 15- $ 20, CONFIRMING?

But I use this dwindly url shortener shortly, because what I said earlier this url shortener uses captcha in the middle of its operation, and I choose another url shortener that has no captcha and has a CPM that I think is suitable for Indonesian visitors.

For those of you who use dwindly url shortener on your blog, immediately replace the url shortener with the url shortener that you're interested in.Thus the info shortener url dwindly which is very much BONUS and this kind. Thank you for your presence for us all this time DWINDLY.IO 😊

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